One week live Yoga Session starts in Home Science College, Chandigarh

Chandigarh, June 19, 2020: A one week
live Yoga session was kick
started in Government Home
Science College today for
faculty and students, as a
prelude to International Yoga
Day on June 21.
The session was conducted
by yoga practitioner Vedika ,
a student of B.Sc Home Science
4 th semester.
She demonstrated various
asanas like Tadasana,
Paschimottanasana, Sethu
bandhasana and Pranayam
including Brahmari, Anulom
Vilom, Kapalbhati while
explaining their benefits.
The Yoga session is being
conducted keeping in mind
the Covid guidelines for
safety of all participants.
The session was attended
by over 100 participants and
brought immense relief,
alertness and a freshness
among them.
The session proved to be
energizing, transcending,
and provided enlightening
experience to all participants.
Principal Prof Sudha
Katyal applauded the efforts
of organising team and said
that such sessions help in
tackling depression and anxiety
along with health benefits
to all.

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