Opulence of Mughal Jewellery discussed at a webinar by PUAA

Chandigarh, September 10, 2020: The Panjab University Alumni Association, under the guidance of Prof. Deepti Gupta, Dean Alumni Association, organised a webinar “Mughal Jewellery: Techniques, Opulence and Modern Impact” by Dr. Nafisa Sayed Motiwala today.
A representative of PUAA welcomed and introduced Dr. Sayed.
Dr. Nafisa Sayed Motiwala is a freelance visual artist based in Toronto. Her artworks have been exhibited globally in several group exhibitions in India, UAE, US, Canada, Lebanon, Brussels, Turkey, France, Russia and Ukraine.
She has a doctorate degree in History of Art with specialization in “Regional Architecture of Tombs and Mosques in Madhya Pradesh”.
She has authored a Book “Mughal Jewellery: An Insight to the Jewellery under the Mughals”.
She has been awarded Ratan-e-Hind Award for Excellence in Abstract Art, Delhi, India. Dr. Motiwala is regularly invited as a speaker for talks and lectures.
Dr. Sayed started the presentation by discussing the techniques of Enamelling, Kundan, Filigree, Thewa, Thappa, Casting and Engraving.
Next, she discussed the opulence of Mughal Jewellery, some paintings, stamps, jewellery for different occasions,various jewels worn by men and women etc.
She discussed its influence on movies, architecture, clothes, print patterns and finally the modern impact.
She concluded by discussing the influence of Mughal patterns and jewellery in the works of designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Renu Manju Nath.
It emphasised that the impact of the original designs is present today also, she said.
After the presentation participants asked many interesting questions about the techniques and latest brands making mughal jewellery.
Dr Nafisa answered all the questions to the participants’ satisfaction.
A vote of thanks was proposed by Dildar Singh from the Department of English and Cultural Studies.
He thanked the speaker, the participants and Dean Alumni Association.

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