Out Of Sight, Always On Mind

We have all heard the phrase “Out of sight, out of mind”. It sounds pretty rhythmic to the ears. Often used as an excuse for being forgetful. As if the thoughts are directly linked to what we see or we do not think of anything that is obscure from view.

But is it not true that we spend so much time thinking of the future, fantasizing about someone, and conjuring up images in our dream world? We think of our loved ones , living in distant lands, whom we may be rarely meeting. Don’t we think of our parents and grandparents, who have departed this earth years ago, on their eternal journey? Their images often come before our eyes and we see them in places where moments were spent together.

We all remember our previous heartthrobs. I can see each one of you reading this article break into a smile now. It seems I have struck the right chords. That face in the crowd. That person in the park or walking trails you have secretly admired. And have also probably jogged an extra mile to impress. The glance that you used to wait for without fluttering your eyelids. The first kiss, the last hug before marriage. Bunking classes and con-suming endless cups of tea or coffee in the canteen waiting for that face to appear, ensuring a good night sleep. Escorting that special someone from college to home.

The very fact that majority of us remem-ber all this means it has nothing to do with sight. It is all in the mind. Or rather heart. How much we think of someone is directly proportional to the bond shared with that person. By bond, I do not imply the relation-ship with that person. It means the impor-tance that person has in your life. Or the space allocated to that person in the mind and heart.

Majority of us believe in the existence of God, I suppose, though none of us have seen Him physically. But we have felt His divine presence in our life. We also take refuge in Him so often. We offer Him prayers and beg Him for His blessings. He is always at the back of our mind and constitutes a very strong support system. We surrender to Him when everything else fails. It is the faith in Him that makes us surrender and accept His will.

So being in sight has nothing to do with how much we think of someone. People we love, people we care for, people who matter to us are always on mind, no matter where they may be on the globe or beyond. The dis-tance on land just melts away since people we love are just a thought away. We carry them in our mind where ever we go. They are our permanent companions, even in solitude, at every latitude, longitude and altitude of life.

So people who are always on mind, are always within sight too.

Chandigarh based Deepak Chopra is Author of the books: The Secrets of Success and Mantras for Inner Peace

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