Panjab University VC inaugurates Workshop for Ladakh students

Chandigarh, July 23, 2020: The Department of
SAIF/CIL, Panjab University started
a one week online workshop on
Sophisticated Analytical Instruments
especially designed for the students
of Ladakh.
This workshop will be held From
23- 29th July, 2020 and this e-learning
initiative was taken to connect
the students, researchers and academicians
located in remote areas.
Prof. Raj Kumar,Vice Chancellor,
Panjab University, in his Inaugural
address,said that Panjab University
intends to reach remote areas which
lack resources.
He shared his vision that an institute
like Panjab University having
rich value, resources and heritage
can provide an opportunity to
enhance the capability of students
located in remote areas of India.
He encouraged the participants to
utilize the facilities at SAIF/CIL,
Prof. Raj Kumar specifically congratulated
Prof. G.R. Chaudhary,
Director, SAIF/CIL and his team for
their seamless efforts in providing
the best of instrumentation facilities
and technical training to the students
through his department and
expressed his vision to extend the
impartating of knowledge and training
to learners belonging to the
remotest areas of our country like
Uttrakhand, Northeast states, Kashmir
and Himachal.
He said that CIL/SAIF is the only
enriched lab, particularly in this
region in particular and throughout
India in general, and Instruments
under RUSA will further strengthen
the facilities.
While addressing the participants,
Prof. Chaudhary said that an indepth
knowledge of current
advanced instrumentation techniques
is of utmost importance as it
enables us to explore various aspects
of material characterization and such
types of workshops can be of great
help for researchers in the present
He assured the commitment of
SAIF/CIL towards imparting quality
training to the researchers and academicians
through more such online
training workshops and webinars in
Dr. Aijaz Ahmad Dar from Kashmir,
Stanzin Itga from Leh, Dr.
Mohmmad Ishaq from Kargil and
Dr Ramesh K Sharma from Panjab
University coordinated the workshop.
In the coming days, experts from
SAIF/CIL, Er. Poonam Kumari, Dr.
Anil Kumar, Er. HPS Kang and Dr.
Rohit Sharma from the Chemistry
department will deliver
talks/demonstration on various analytical
instrumentation techniques
including UV-visible, FTIR, NMR,
X-ray Diffraction and Electron
Microscopy techniques and their
applications followed by active
interactive sessions from the participants.

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