Patience – the virtue of a vulture

by Deepak Chopra
Patience may be a small word. But its
virtues are unparallel. It is a very potent tool
to conduct one’s life. It should be consciously
exercised. Excess of it can be construed as self
complacency and is normally interpreted as a
weakness or even lack of initiative. Patience
should not undermine the importance of
vigour and zeal to live life.
Nature is replete with examples of patience.
Carrying a child for nine months is in itself a
beautiful example. And then grooming the
child from birth needs no mention.
Sowing a seed or a sapling, and nurturing it
for years till it bears flowers and fruits is
another great activity that demands patience.
Sportsmen and athletes exercise a lot of
patience along with perseverance as they transcend
milestone after milestone in their pursuit
to set new world records.
We have all exercised patience while wooing
the love of our life. How can we forget waiting
endlessly under the harsh afternoon sun to see
that charming face after school despite hunger
pangs or doing the extra repetitions in the gym
or jogging extra miles for that special someone
to show up and impress.
With this the realization dawns on us that
“Patience is a virtue and its fruit is sweet.”
There is a lesson to be learnt from this. We
have to apply the same principle in all walks
of life, may it be your workplace, business,
social life or personal life.
“Patience is not the ability to wait. But how
you act while you are waiting”-Joyce Meyer.
Now when is patience required? It has to be
exercised in the period ranging from the
moment your action is done till the outcome of
that action. And this period varies from situation
to situation. Just as we cannot break the
egg prematurely to set free the chick within
nor shatter the pupa ( chrysalis ) to release
the butterfly thus diminishing its struggle
during metamorphosis, similarly a reasonable
,optimum period has to be granted for
any outcome to mature and fructify.
Patience is controlling the urge to react
prematurely. To make conscious decisions
and to avoid falling prey to our reflexes. To
make the right utterances rather than speak
out being overwhelmed by the circumstances
and later have your foot in the mouth.
Patience is respecting and honouring what
you deserve despite your desires. Patience is
keeping the anxiety levels minimal. It is
allowing the mind to supersede the authority
of the heart.
“Patience with others is love. Patience
with self is hope. Patience with God is
faith”-Adel Bestavros.
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