Planning the unplanned way

by Keshav Garg
Chandigarh, July 24, 2020: The boy sitting on
the bench of a railway station never
knew that leaving the job of a ticket
collector in the Railways in those
times would make him the most popular
cricketer in the history of Indian
He not only went on to chase his
dreams but became a youth icon.
Yes, we are talking about M S
Dhoni – he had no clue what he
would do if he didn’t succeed as a
cricketer but he certainly knew that
being an employee of the Railways
was not something we wanted to do.
So he took a totally unplanned
step just to follow his dreams.
Then I put myself into that bracket
and I have seen people asking me
many times “What all are you
going to do” and that’s because
when I think of something I jump
into it without evaluating it in
To my mind, excessive evaluation
at times deteriorates results.
You tend to over analyse a situation
with its pros and cons, your
own ability, competition, resources
and what not.
This not only dilutes your strength
to achieve the goal but also keeps
youback from adventure.
A couple of years ago I bought a
bicycle with absolutely no clue as to
how much I am going to ride it.
And today I could even ride 50
kms leisurely without any problems.
Had I been evaluating the cost
benefit of the cycle, whether I have
a group, whether I am fit enough
etc. I would not have purchased the
cycle and would not have reached
where I am today.
There is absolutely no reason to
evaluate when you have nothing to
The over analysis of a situation
keeps you standing at the bay without
jumping into the ocean to enjoy
the turbulence.
In one of the books which I recently
read, it said that to do an action
one should MAP the things.
MAP is nothing but motivation,
ability and prompt to do an action.
These three factors come when we
stop challenging ourselves on the
standards laid down by the outside
Doing a thing unplanned without
doing the so-called SWOT analysis
may actually yield the desired result.
In case of Dhoni, his motivation
was Sachin Tendulkar, the ability he
surely had and prompt was the
selection of other young cricketers.
All these factors pushed him to
take the decision of leaving his job,
but for the world it looked like the
stupidest decision which he could
have ever taken.
The simple point I want to make
here is that don’t worry about what
the world has to say when you try
something new and also when you
change your decisions very quickly.
These are the abilities of an
achiever, not those who plan a lot
but land up nowhere.
Yes, it is also true that we must
understand fully what we are doing
and then decide upon something.
But becoming too decisive can
keep you away from the glowing
It’s all about courage and conviction
from within.
The same person who had once
laughed on your adventurous attitude
would turn around and say that
he ‘always believed in your ability
to do something different’.
Life is all about experimenting
new things and enjoying what comes
on the way.
Even if you lose, even if you don’t
get the desired results, even then
you would be far better than a person
who had been relaxing all this
The person you shall become in
this journey towards failure would
be much betttr than those with a laid
back attitude.
Your perspective towards the
world would change as you would
now know yourself better.
That would be your biggest
It’s not the world who should
decide your course but you yourself
should stand up and make the way
not only for yourself but for the
world to see.
So let’s jump and enjoy the turbulence.
Come on, execute it because failure
is a success for those who try, so
go ahead and do it.
(These views are personal of the
author, Keshav R Garg, who is a
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