Playing the Violin is my passion ! -Abhinandan Sharma

Chandigarh, September 10, 2020: Abhinandan Sharma is the only Violinist in North India to pursue violin seriously in both hard core Western Classical and Indian Classical music.
He is the recipient of the International Music Masterclass held in Romania in year 2017.
Abhinandan has studied in various countries including Germany, France etc.
He undertook to play the violin at a very early age – when he was just 8 years old. The death of his mother when he was 8 made him pick up the violin and put all the emotions into it.
He is currently playing extensively solo, with bands and doing a lot of crossover, pop and experimental stuff.
His tone is widely appreciated and he continues to amaze audiences all over.
He has been performing for the last 7 years and knows the Urdu kasa, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Austrian German, Baluchi.
He is also available to tour.
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