PM addresses Education Conclave on New Education Policy

New Delhi, September 11, 2020: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the Conclave on ‘School Education in 21st Century’ under National Education Policy’ through video conference.
The Prime Minister said that National Education Policy is going to give a new direction to 21st century India and we are becoming part of a moment that is laying the foundation for building the future of our country.
He said that hardly any aspect of our life remained the same in last three decades yet our education system is still running under the old system.
The new National Education Policy is a means to fulfil new aspirations, new opportunities of a New India, he said.
The Prime Minister said that the NEP 2020 is a result of hard work of people from every region, every sector and every language in the last 3 to 4 years.
He said the actual work begins now, with the implementation of the policy.
He urged the teachers to work together for an effective implementation of the National Education Policy.
The Prime Minister said it is legitimate that many questions arise after the announcement of the Policy and that it is necessary to discuss such issues in this conclave to move forward.
The Prime Minister expressed happiness that principals and teachers are enthusiastically participating in this discussion to implement the National Education Policy.
He said that over 1.5 million suggestions have been received within a week from teachers across the country on implementing the National Education Policy.
The Prime Minister said that energetic youth are the engines of development of a country but that their development should begin from their childhood.
He said that the education of children, the right environment they get, to a large extent determines what the person would become in his future and what his personality would be.
He said the NEP-2020 lays a lot of emphasis on this.
The Prime Minister said that it is in preschool where children begin to understand their senses, their skills better.
For this, there is a need for schools and teachers to provide an environment of fun learning, playful learning, activity based learning and discovery based learning to children.
He said that as the child progresses, it is very necessary to develop a greater learning spirit, scientific and logical thinking, mathematical thinking and scientific temperament.
In the National Education Policy, The Prime Minister stressed the importance of replacing the old 10 Plus 2 with the system of 5 Plus 3 Plus 3 Plus 4.

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