Preliminary Data of PGIMER’s Sero Survey finds 7.6% exposed to COVID -19

Chandigarh, October  3, 2020: The preliminary data of the Sero-survey conducted by PGIMER to detect the prevalence of COVID-19 in Chandigarh has shown that 7.6 per cent of the tested samples had antibodies against the virus.
Briefing about the Sero–survey, Prof. Jagat Ram, Director PGIMER, stated, “We are at a very preliminary stage of the study which is aimed at identifying the seroprevalence of COVID-19 at the community level and monitoring the transmission trends. It is too premature to say anything conclusively. The study is ongoing to collate more evidence to reach a definite result on the subject.”
Prof. Mini P. Singh, Department of Virology PGIMER, who is spearheading the study, shared, “The Department of Virology, PGIMER conducted the test on 80 COVID-19 recovered patients who comprised participants who had donated plasma and healthcare workers from the Institute. Out of 80 tested, 66 i.e. 82.5 percent were found to have IgG antibodies, meaning thereby, that they developed antibodies post their recovery from COVID-19.”
“In another test, 59 volunteers for the Oxford Vaccine trial along with 7 health care workers (Non-COVID) i.e. 66 participants, who were healthy and never encountered any symptoms of COVID, got tested for IgG Antibody test. Out of 66 tested, 5 i.e. 7.6 percent were found positive for IgG antibodies test, clearly indicating that they had caught the COVID-19 infection but were asymptomatic and hence had developed antibodies “ added Prof. Mini P. Singh.
Prof. Mini P. Singh further concluded, “This data shows that the majority of the COVID -19 recovered people developed antibodies. However among the healthy population, the seropositivity was found to be only 7.6% implying that most of the tricity population is still not exposed to the virus. However , it’s very preliminary data and larger systematic studies are on the way .”

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