Prime Minister launches high throughput Covid testing facilities

New Delhi, July 27, 2020: Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched three high throughput COVID-19 testing facilities via video conferencing today.
These facilities are located at the National Institutes of Indian Council of Medical Research at Noida, Kolkata and Mumbai.
The Prime Minister said that these hi-tech state-of-the-art testing facilities will boost the testing capacity by almost 10,000 daily tests in each of the three cities.
More number of tests will assist early detection and treatment, thereby helping fight the spread of the virus.
He added that these labs will not be limited to testing for COVID, but in future, will also be able to test for Hepatitis B and C, HIV, Dengue and several other diseases.
Timely decisions: The Prime Minister underlined that due to timely decisions taken by the government, India is better placed vis-a-vis other countries in terms of deaths due to COVID. The recovery rate is also higher than other countries and is improving on a daily basis. The total number of people who have recovered from the virus is about to reach 10 lakh.
Corona specific health infrastructure: The Prime Minister said that it was imperative for the country to develop corona specific health infrastructure at a fast pace.
He noted that the Centre had announced a package of Rs 15,000 crore at the beginning of this battle.
The country now has more than 11,000 COVID facilities and more than 11 lakh isolation beds.
While the country had only one COVID testing centre in January, there are almost 1300 such labs now.
He said that at present, more than 5 lakh tests are being conducted in the country daily, and efforts are underway to increase this capacity to 10 lakh in the coming weeks.
He noted that the country has progressed from not having even a single PPE kit manufacturer as recently as six months ago, to having more than 1200 manufacturers now, who are producing more than 5 lakh such kits daily.
He also highlighted that from being dependent on imports, now more than 3 lakh N-95 masks are being produced in the country daily, annual production capacity of ventilators has become 3 lakh and there has also been a significant increase in the production of medical oxygen cylinders.
This has not only helped save lives but has also converted India from an importer to an exporter.

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