Prof Rumki Basu keynote speaker at Webinar held at Panjab University

Chandigarh, August 18, 2020: The Department of Public Administration,Panjab University in collaboration with Centre for Human Rights & Duties organized a webinar on the topic ‘The Indian State and Public Policy Priorities in Post-COVID Era’ under the “Public Policy- Theory and Praxis” lecture series of the Department.
Prof. Rumki Basu, Department of Political Science, Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi was the resource person.
According to Prof. Basu, revamping the public health management system, ensuring food security to the poor, providing security to the private unorganized sector are some of the issues that need urgent public policy decisions in the Covid times.
As the world grappled with the pandemic, India had a lockdown for more than three months and it was during this period that the centrality of Indian state truly entered the collective conscience of its people.
Locking down an entire nation of India’s population size and diversity was not a mean task and curtailing the liberty of citizens for preserving public health was done with efficacy.
According to her, not only competent public institutions, but large scale people’s participation and effective political communication are mandatory for successful public policy implementation.
An understanding of India’s political system, federal division of powers, open information flow and constant feedback system from citizens, public opinion can play an important role in policy making, execution and modification of public policy.
She emphasized on the Kerala model and how they have tackled this crisis and that they have competent public institutions. Kerala is ranked at number 1 in SDG Index and Human Development Index (HDI) and other states need to emulate it.
She highlighted that the pandemic has reinforced the need for a welfare state and the need for addressing challenges of climate change, human development and poor infrastructure. We need to use the finances to move towards a welfare state.
She talked about the Right to Universal Free Health care and Right to Work in urban areas which are required to come at the centre of the political discourse.
The webinar was attended by many faculty members, students and research scholars of the Departments, affiliated colleges and other social science disciplines.
Dr. Namita Gupta, Chairperson, Centre for Human Rights and Duties successfully moderated the question- answer session and Prof. Basu actively answered a number of questions raised by some of the participants.
Dr. Bhawna Gupta proposed a formal vote of thanks.

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