PUAA organizes a web lecture on “Punjab: a view of the History and Culinary Heritage”

Chandigarh, October 21, 2020: Panjab University Alumni Association, under the stewardship of Prof. Deepti Gupta, Dean Alumni Relatrions, organized a web lecture on “Punjab: A view of the History and Culinary Heritage” by Chef Jaswinder Singh, Assistant Professor, University Institute of Hotel and tourism Management. Panjab University, Chandigarh.
He is also an academician, writer, editor, and an architect for setting of various kitchens in Panjab University.
He has worked with 5-star hotels. He is an active member of Indian Culinary Forum and is presently representing Panjab University in ICF.
He is an active resource person for various workshops on Culinary arts at various places like Jammu university, MCM DAV, community college Nalagarh, Kashi University, GNDU, FCI Hoshiarpur and has organised various national and international conferences.
Sonia Chandel from Panjab University Alumni Association welcomed and introduced Chef Jaswinder Singh to the participants.
He started his presentation by introducing Punjab, its meaning, geography, the various regions, their specialties, festivals and cultures of Punjab.
Then he discussed the food of Punjab, the origin of Dhabas, concept of Langar, major dishes like Tikkas, Dal Makhani and Butter Chicken.
Interestingly, he said that the cuisine of Punjab is so widespread that even the national dish of Britain is Chicken Tikka Butter Masala.
He explained about how to counter diseases related to food.
He advised everyone to remove utensils made of metals that are harmful for health like aluminum and instead use Baltoi, Kansa, Sarbloh, Brass, copper etc.
For ingredients he advised to use mustard oil, desi ghee and the ingredients that are local and traditional like Kodra (millet), Arjun Chaal, Ashwagandha etc and to have alkaline water to improve their immunity.
He discussed the concept of Zero Budget Natural Farming.
He concluded by saying that one should adopt a right eating concept, if possible request a farmer to adopt his family, which means that you buy all organic products from that farmer and improve immunity by natural sources and yoga.
He also discussed some famous personalities and tourist attractions of Punjab.
The participants asked some questions about ingredients and places one can buy utensils of Kansa or Sarbloh from, which Chef Jaswinder Singh answered in detail.
Then on the participant’s request he shared recipes of Phirni and Fruit Conde.
Prof. Deepti Gupta proposed a vote of thanks.

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