Role of Psychology in handling stress discussed at PU

Chandigarh, July 1, 2020: The Panjab Universi-ty team of hostel wardens comprising of Dr. Rajeev, Boys Hostel (BH) 1, Dr. Praveen, BH 5, Dr Nidhi Gautam, Girls Hostel (GH) 5, Dr Jai Mala, GH 7 and Dr Avneet, Working Women Hostel organised a webinar for the hostel residents on the topic “Psy-chological Resilience during the Covid-19 Pandemic”.

Dr. Anu Bansal, Clinical Psycholo-gist, Civil Hospital, Panchkula addressed the students.

Bansal spoke about positive and negative stress – positive stress leads to certain achievements but negative stress causes depression.

During this pandemic, students have been confined to their homes or in hostels and are going through various uncertainties regarding their exams, opening of university, joining new courses etc.

She suggested that students should develop a habit of maintaing a diary and writing their thoughts daily in this diary.

She also suggested that the students should write down their short term and long-term goals and try to fulfill short term goals.

She discussed that, during this peri-od, sleeping and eating habits have changed.

Children and the younger genera-tion are busy with mobile phones and TV which disturbed their daily rou-tine.

She suggested to the students to adopt a change in their daily routine and develop the habit of deep breathing.

She advised them to prepare a detailed time table and divide the day for chats on the phone, watching TV, studying etc.

She also explained the difference between anxiety and depression.

She suggested that if the symptoms of feeling low, sad, loneliness, lack of interest in studies and wanting to spend more time alone have been continuous for two weeks or more, then they should consult a psycholo-gist because these are the symptoms of depression.

She very patiently gave the answer to every query of the students and students found it interesting and want-ed her session again.

More than 45 students participated in this webinar.

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