Rotaractors of District 3080 help the needy with ‘Annapurna Saptaah’

Chandigarh, July 6, 2020: Unprecedented times give rise to new heroes. This definitely seems to hold true for the youth of Rotaract Clubs.

While everyone is locked in and stressed over the health crisis, Rotaractors are leaving no stone unturned to help society by contributing their bit and raising spirits.

Rotaractors are bonding with community by serving it through a weeklong event “Annapurna Saptaah”

Newly installed District Rotaract Representative Samir Madan kicked of this project with an aim to bring all together and stand as one unit even in the these trou-bled times.

Annapurna Saptaah is an initiative where Rotaractors provided food and water to the needy, be it stray ani-mals or thirsty birds, under-priviledged kids or labourers working in this intense heat.

Around 1,00,000 living beings were fed with food, fruits, water and sweets for an entire week from July 1 to July 7, 2020.

There was no better way to offer help by filling stom-achs of those who are strug-gling to get one meal a day.
In Annapurna Saptah:

*Quality food was provid-ed to underprivileged and the safety of the individuals was kept the foremost prior-ity.

* Donating home-cooked food was encouraged. The clubs who hired caterers ensured proper discipline and hygiene.

* Quintals of ration, cooked food, fruits, vegeta-

bles andthousands of litres of milk were distributed.

* Proper protective gear used – masks and gloves were used by the donors to ensure tsafety

* Social distancing was ensured in every state and by every Rotaractor.

* Keeping in mind “Give what you can”, rotaractors served smiles around the community even in this time of hardship and distress.

Samir Madan stated “We feel proud that our spirit to do good for the society shines brighter than ever, feeding the underpriv-iledged has brought a smile to all our faces. The enthusi-asm of Rotaractors is unbe-lievable and they cannot be stopped even in this pan-demic.”

Samir Madan, born and brought up in the City Beau-tiful, is leading the Rotary International District 3080 i.e. 80 Rotaract clubs in the States of Haryana, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Chandigarh and parts of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. His theme for is ‘Together we believe.’

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