SAIF/CIL of Panjab University launch Germicidal Radiation Chamber

Chandigarh, June 29, 2020: Department of SAIF/CIL, Panjab Uni-versity, Chandigarh has designed and developed an Ultraviolet Sanitization Chamber for disinfection of articles and papers.

The setup uses UV-C ger-micidal radiation and pro-vides full safety features to avoid radiation exposure to persons using this chamber.

These safety features are incorporated as the frequen-cy of UV-C is harmful to skin and eyes. This Cham-ber is coated with special ultraviolet reflection coating and optimized in such a way that maximum power of radiation is used due to mul-tiple reflections.

Professor G R Chaudhary, Director SAIF/CIL and his team presented two such chambers to the office of the Vice Chancellor.

Prof Chaudhary, Dr. Ramesh Sharma and . Dinesh demonstrated the working of the Chamber to Prof Raj Kumar, Vice Chan-cellor and Prof. RK. Singla, Dean of University Instruc-tions, Panjab University who appreciated the efforts of developing the product in this challenging hour.

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