Saving the environment: Plant in a Coconut

by Aneesh Bhanot

There are many ways how one can provide much needed and valued service to society, espe-cially the physically and visually challenged and the economically weak sections of society.

Rotarians, the world over, pour their passion, integrity and intelligence into completing projects that have a lasting impact. Some Rotarians believe in a focussed approach, that is, identifying particular segments who they feel need urgent and immediate help, putting in their 100 percent efforts in being of service to them and making sure that there is continuity in all that they do.

Rotary Chandigarh Shivalik (RCS) believes in this approach and its members have done amaz-ing work in the segments they have selected.

One such segment is in saving the environment. The Interact Club of St. Stephens has been spon-sored by Rotary Chandigarh Shivalik whose members are mentoring the club.

An innovative project to save the environment and grow more plants was started by Interactors of the school. The Club tied-up with Barjesh, a vegetable and fruit retailer in Sector 46, Chandi-garh in which Barjesh ensured that a free medici-nal sapling was given to customers who con-sumed coconuts at his shop.

The plants, provided by the Interactors, were put in the empty shell and gifted to the customer, who took it home and planted it in a pot or his garden. The Interactors offered two varieties of plants – Insulin and Giloy. Stickers detailing the medicinal values of the plant and how to grow it were pasted on the shell itself. In the current year the plan is to tie up with a large number of coconut sellers and offer thousands of these saplings to the citizens of the tri-city.

RCS members opined that it was heartening to see the concern the students had for the environ-ment and the lead they took to help conserve it.

St Stephens, its management team and its teach-ing staff deserve to be complimented for the enthusiastic support they gave to the students.

Like all other RCS projects, this will continue this year too.

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