Say no to Chinese products

New Delhi, June 17, 2020: There is a
growing chorus from all
over India to boycott Chinese
products after the
India-China confrontation
yesterday in the Galwan
Valley, in which 20 brave
soldiers of India were martyred
and many wounded.
In a hard hitting message
to China, Prime Minister
Narendra Modi said, “This
supreme sacrifice of our
Martyrs will not go in vain.
Whatever may be the situation
and circumstances,
India will firmly protect
every inch of the country’s
land and its self-respect.
India is culturally a peaceloving
country. Our history
has been that of a peace-loving
In every era, we have
wished for peace and
welfare of the entire world
and humanity.
We have always worked
closely with our neighbours
in a cooperative and friendly
manner. We have always
wished for their
development and welfare.
Whenever there have been
differences of opinion, we
have always tried to ensure
that those differences never
turned into a dispute.
We never provoke anyone,
but we also do not
compromise with the
integrity and sovereignty of
our country.Whenever it was
needed, we have
demonstrated our strength,
proving our capabilities in
protecting and defending the
integrity and sovereignty of
the country.
Sacrifice and endurance
are part of our national
character, but at the same
time bravery and valour are
also equally a part of it.
I want to assure the Nation
that the sacrifice made by
our soldiers will not go in
India’s integrity and
sovereignty is supreme for
us, and no one can stop us
from defending it.
Nobody should have any
iota of doubt about this.
India wants peace. But on
provocation, India will give
a befitting reply.
The country will be proud
of the fact that our soldiers
have been martyred while
they were fighting,” he said
All over India, shoppers
and shopkeepers are saying
No to Chinese products
In Chandigarh, a meeting
of the Chandigarh Traders
Association, Sector 17 was
held today under the
presidentship of Kamaljit
Singh Panchhi to discuss the
present relationship between
India and China.
The Association agreed
that, “Our duty is to stand by
our nation and security
forces who sacrifice their
lives to safeguard our
country. The least we can do
is to make them feel that the
ones they are fighting for are
standing with them”
It was decided in the
meeting that every citizen
should start boycotting
Made in China products
from today onwards and use
Indian merchandise that are
also affordable and best.
“It is now time that we
start promoting our Indian
goods rather than using
Chinese ones,”Panchhi
Members in one voice said
that they will not purchase
imported goods.
The Traders took a pledge:
“We the members of the
Chandigarh Traders
Association, Sector 17 take
a pledge that we will not
buy Made In China items.
We will buy items which are
Made in India. We will
guide the traders and general
public of city also.”
Panchhi appealed to all
Trader Associations and
Resident Welfare
Associations to come
forward and guide their
members not to buy
Chinese items.
Similar appeals are
coming form various cities
in India including Mumbai,
Delhi, Kolkatta, Bangalore,
Chennai, Ahmedabad,
Indore, Lucknow etc.

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