Self discipline – constitution of your life

by Deepak Chopra
Discipline is an extension of the word Disciple.
A disciple is a follower of a guru, a teacher, a
mentor, a philosopher, or a guide. Follower is
one who obeys orders, who does exactly as he is
instructed by his guru or who believes in the doctrine
of another.
In the dictionary, disciple comes before discipline.
The word disciple is contained in discipline
too. Anyone who is disciplined, is a disciple or a
follower of a set of rules. He is subject to control.
Hence we should cultivate the spirit of a disciple
within us to lead a life of discipline.
Discipline is mandatory in life. Apart from following
the rules and regulations laid down by the
government which are universally applicable to
the society and abiding the law of the land, which
otherwise attracts penal action, there is a discipline
which is Of The Self, By The Self and For
The Self. And that is Self Discipline. It is the constitution
of your life.
Self discipline is a domain where you are the
dictator, you are the regulator, you are the curator
and you are the arbitrator. You are your
assessing authority. You are the thinker, you are
the doer. You are the observer and the observed
as well. You are your cheerleader and you are
your competitor. You are the gainer and loser too.
You are the chairman as well as the board of
There is so much autonomy at your disposal to
shape your life, your daily routines, your eating
habits, your thoughts and your emotions as well
as sentiments with self discipline.
But there is one major drawback. There is no
one to blame except you yourself for lack of it.
Discipline requires tremendous focus and will
power. There is always a tendency to go awry,
because of the presence of attractions and distractions.
It is very similar to a flight of an aircraft,
which is being constantly forced away from
its route by air currents and pressure differences.
But the pilot is able to maintain its course and
reach the destination with the help of controls.
That is very similar to discipline, which helps us
to maintain balance and equilibrium in life which
are essential for success and ultimately achieve
our personal and professional goals.
Self discipline empowers you mentally, psychologically
and physically too. It helps in maintaining
a positive attitude and keeps negativity at
bay. It helps you to master your mind by exercising
restraint and making the right choices.
History is replete with examples of self discipline
and so is Nature, from where we derive our
zeal to practice self discipline. Autobiographies
and biographies of all great achievers are a
storehouse of anecdotes of discipline. Discipline
of Nature expresses itself through the movements
of planets in the solar system, the seasons ,
occurrence of day and night, different vegetation
at different latitudes and other natural phenomena.
Our body is a classic example of discipline.
Pulse rate 72 per minute. Body temperature 98.4
deg. F. More or less is a cause of concern. And
same goes for various other physiological and
biological parameters. When the functions of the
human body are so well synchronized and each
organ performs its action so beautifully and in a
disciplined manner, so we too should be able to
weave our life around self discipline to lead a
healthy, comfortable and a meaningful life.
Rather than be like a boat drifting rudderless at
mid sea and being tossed about by the waves. Or
stray cattle on the streets. Choice is yours.
Awaken and discipline the disciple in you.
Chandigarh based Deepak Chopra is Author
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Mantras for Inner Peace
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