Sense or Spirituality thy priority?

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, July 4, 2020: Priority is a very lovely word as we all are very fond of fixing our desires and needs according to our own thinking and thoughts whatever.

This is such a persuasive task that we forget about everything while fixing our needs.

We are so taken for a ride by our priorities that we do not give importance to our senses which enable us to use our physical ability to see, hear, smell, taste and feel.

We become so dumb towards others that we fail to sense the realities of the world around us.

Now once we ignore our senses, where are we heading?

We start living in our own world and we shut all the doors and windows or you may call ears and eyes so tightly that we do not allow even a thought to enter it.

We are confined to our ‘well’ and think that these surroundings our own complete world or say life.

This goes on and on and sometimes the entire life is lived like that but ultimately, the life has to take full circle and the ground realities come to fore.

Just think about the situation – you have lived entire life very peacefully and the best as per your own calculations, gains or comforts you may call it.

The entire situation can be summarised that you live in a fool’s paradise your entire life because you have never come out of your com-fort zone and you never realised the realities. This all happens because you have never tasted spirituality, you have never thought of others being above you, never given any importance to others and in the name of spirituality you have given some donation or bowed your head some-where and that is just because of your thinking of too highly of yourself.

And mind you, all this you have done with a desire to gain something materialistic and not done any thing without asking for something in return.

So, you have changed the very meaning of spirituality in your false sense of living a superficially rich life.

Let better sense prevail, allow the fresh air to come in from the windows you have closed tightly.

Let there be a feeling of being human and humane during your life time. Smell and feel the regard for others and think that all others are above self. Fix thy priority to better sense the gain in real life i.e. super spirituality.

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