Shipping Ministry reduces port tariff ranging from 60 to 70% for Cruise Ships

New Delhi, August 14, 2020: The Ministry of Shipping has rationalized tariff rates for Cruise vessels. The net effect of the rate relaxation would be an immediate reduction in port charges ranging from 60% to 70%, which will give substantial relief to the cruise industry in India, in line with the government policy to support the economy in COVID-19 situation.
The rationalized tariff rates will be:
– Port charges for a Cruise Ship to be charged at $0.085 per GRT (Gross Registered Tonnage) instead of $0.35 of current rate, for first 12 hours stay and $5 per passenger.
The Ports will not charge any other rate like berth hire, port dues, pilotage, passenger fee, etc.
– For the period exceeding 12 hours stay, the fixed charges on cruise ships will be equal to the Berth Hire Charges payable as per Schedule of Rates,with 40% discount .
– Further, cruise ships making
A. 1-50 calls per year to get 10% rebate.
B. 51-100 calls per year to get 20% rebate.
C.Above 100 calls per year to get 30% rebate.
These rationalized tariff shall be immediately effective for a period of one year.
Mansukh Mandaviya, Union Minister of State for Shipping said the decision is the result of the efforts being made by the Ministry of Shipping to convert the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi into reality by putting India on the map of global cruise market,both for ocean and river cruises.
“It will be a big support for the cruise tourism in India, which has suffered tremendously due to the adverse economic impacts of COVID-19 pandemic. It will provide the opportunity to earn huge amount of foreign exchange and generate sizeable direct and indirect onshore employment in cruise tourism sector of India,” the Minister added.

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