SIA holds online interaction with Secretary Social Welfare on issues of Senior Citizens

Chandigarh, June 23, 2020: The Second
Innings Association (SIA)
organised an online interaction
of some of its members
with Yash Pal Garg, Secretary
Social Welfare, Chandigarh
Administration, who
was the Chief Guest.
Apart from the President
of SIA, R K Garg, the senior
members of SIA who
participated included Col.
Kulbir Singh, Dr. R Kumar,
Madan Gupta Spatu, N K
Kaushal, Bhavneshwar
Sharma and Ashok Patiyal
of Helpage India.
The interaction was an
excellent opportunity for all
to air their views and positive
decisions were taken.
It was pointed out by the
SIA members that the Advisory
on senior citizens
issued by the Administration
was totally devoid of practicality
as persons age of 65
and above being advised to
abstain from stepping out of
the home was very tough
and highly impractical.
Though the Helpline 112
was functional, it was virtually
impossible for it to
attend to all needs of the
Medical care of this category
was conspicuous by its
absence as OPD and Dispensaries
were closed. The
Banking sector could not
live up to the expectation of
the seniors for want of adequate
staff and the dedication
expected of them to
help confined elders. Physiotherapy
was also stopped..
Excessive ‘fear factor’ was
drummed into citizens
which made them a casualty
of ‘fear psychosis’ which is
more fatal than the disease.
SIA suggested that the
unlocking process should
remain in place with strict
guidelines on cautionary
measures to be observed.
Medical care to seniors
should be made easily
accessible, they said, and
work should begin towards
putting a proper social security
scheme in place. No one
should be required to worry
about medical aid.
The Secretary Social Welfare
agreed that it was a difficult
period for Senior Citizens
even though the
Department made every
effort to take care of them.
He assured that he will look
into all issues concerning
Senior Citizens on priority.
The Discussion ended
with a Vote of Thanks by
Madan Gupta Spatu.
President R K Garg
assured that SIA will continue
to take up and try to get
redressed various important
issues of Senior Citizens of
the tri-city.

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