Skill Development – helping create a lifetime income


by Manjit Kaur
There are many ways how one can provide
much needed and valued service to society, especially
the physically and visually challenged and
the economically weak sections of society.
Rotarians, the world over, pour their passion,
integrity and intelligence into completing projects
that have a lasting impact. Some Rotarians
believe in a focussed approach, that is, identifying
particular segments who they feel need urgent
and immediate help, putting in their 100 percent
efforts in being of service to them and making
sure that there is continuity in all that they do.
Rotary Chandigarh Shivalik believes in this
approach and its members have done amazing
work in the segments they have selected.
One such segment is in identifying the latent
talent in the economically poor and then creating
a Skill Development program for them. The
objectives are two fold – to generate a regular
income for them and creating self-confidence in
them so that they are happy and positive, which is
the need of the hour in our country
With this aim, the team of 2017-18 headed by
me decided to provide tailoring skills to ladies
who were working as maids in Baltana, Zirakpur
so that their income increases by working from
home. Food Preservation and Nutrition Value
classes were planned simultaneously.
The ladies were told about the importance of
developing a skill for which one must learn how
to read and write, so that use of thumb for signatures
is avoided and confidently they can write
their name and sign. A senior bank official gave a
talk on the importance of opening a bank account
The ladies learnt the art of stitching bags of various
kinds, suits etc. They were taught block
printing. RCS Skill Development certificates
were given to the ladies. They are now getting
orders and the money earned is mostly put in the
bank. One has seen a big change in their way of
dressing, attitude and their confident smiles.
Skill Development, like most projects of RCS,
will continue this year too.

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