Teachers and students launch ‘Pran’ campaign to create public awareness about Corona epidemic

Chandigarh, June 26, 2020: Teachers of Punjab School Education Department have launched a ‘Pran’ (pledge) campaign to create awareness among the people about the covid-19 epidemic.

Disclosing this here today a spokesperson of the school education department said that teachers and students of various schools have been making posters and sketches to create awareness about the seriousness of the epidemic of Corona. These posters pledge to follow the instructions issued by the Punjab Government and the applicable rules while traveling by private or public transport beside washing hands, wearing masks, maintaining social distance, to make ‘Mission Fateh’ a complete success against Crown epidemic. At the same time, awareness is being spread through posters to download the cova app so that the message and method of fighting Corona can be better communicated to everyone.

Most of the content of these posters is contributed by the teachers, whose creativity is impressing every section of the society. In addition to taking vows to make ‘Mission Fateh’ a success, the teachers are also making people aware of the epidemic through their artistic techniques.

Meanwhile, Krishan Kumar, Secretary, School Education Department called upon the headmasters, teachers, lecturers and other staff of the School Education Department to expedite awareness among the parents of the children and others people of the society beside this ‘Pledge’ campaign so that the message of fighting and avoiding corona can be conveyed from house to house. The Education Secretary said that the teachers have a close relationship with the people and hence, it is their responsibility to keep the people aware. He appealed to the teachers to fulfill this responsibility with more vigor.

It may be mentioned that at present the number of Corona patients are on the rise which, has made this awareness campaign more important for obedience to government instructions by every citizen.

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