The soul of Indian cuisine

Indian kitchens are certainly a small world of spices. They are truly an essence of Indian food. India has always been the heart of spice trade. Passion for spicy dishes is shared among humans of all regions and ages.
But why do we eat spices? Making the answer very obvious, it is the aroma that makes the food more inviting to our taste, smell and sight. But bringing up the nutritional benefits of these spices is indeed very important especially its anti- microbial properties. It is as if we have borrowed secret ingredients from plants which they use themselves against bacteria and we use them, in turn, in a similar manner while cooking. By counteracting micro-organisms growth, we can better preserve foods and prevent food poisoning.
How to organize and segregate spices well? If you love to cook and are fond of adding spices to your meals, it becomes extremely necessary to put things in an order that they become easy for you to look for. It becomes equally important for you to segregate your spices well that they are within your reach with absolute ease.
Here you go:
• Organise your spices alphabetically, so that it is easier for you to look for them instantly.
• Choose spice jars or containers that are air tight and may fit appropriately according to your kitchen space.
• Keep spice jars in a place for everyday use. Just remember, heat and light will cause spices to lose their potency. So, storing them near the oven or windows must be a big no.
• Segregate spices which you use everyday than the ones that you may use occasionally.
• Label every spice you store, as most of the spices are similar in colour or texture. So, in order to avoid confusion, label each jar with its name of the spice.
• In case of additional space on the jar label of the spice, write a few benefits of each spice that remind you of using a particular spice in addition to the other spices in your recipe. This will help you to make the best use of each spice in your meals.
Discover the benefits of commonly used spices in your kitchens and exploit them at their best to extract their powerful properties.
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