Understanding the bond between diet and oral health

In no surprise, diet has a relation with our oral health. Anything we consume is through the mouth. The first exposure is therefore with our teeth and tongue.
Dental health is more important than most people realize.
And of course, nutrition and diet play a big role in this.
Talking about a few nutrients that have a significant role to play:
• Calcium – Helps in formation of tooth structure and enhance enamel remineralization.
• Phosphorus – Helps in formation of tooth structure
• Protein – Helps in development of connective tissue and enhances immune function
• Vitamin C – To maintain periodontal ligament and enhance immune function
• Vitamin D – Just like Calcium, it enhances enamel remineralization
• Omega-3 fatty acids – It modulates inflammatory response
Understanding the foods you must eat for a good oral health
Avoid processed foods especially added sugars
Take ‘fish oil’ but in liberal amounts to enjoy the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids
Do not ignore nature’s toothbrush- eating raw fruits and vegetables helps to clean your teeth to a great extent and helps remove material that may have adhered to your teeth
Probiotics must be added to diet to decrease the risk of gingivitis and plaque
Take lots of whole foods with lots of lean protein
Including added sugars or highly acidic foods to your diet may cause demineralization, avoid these.
Eat a well-balanced diet to build a body with good nutrients and treasuring good food inside.
Do not forget to smile, the best activity for a good oral health.
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