Unique gesture towards their teachers by 1972 batch of St. John’s School

Chandigarh, September 1, 2020: In a unique gesture towards their teachers, students who had graduated from St. John’s School in 1972, went back today and presented each teacher with a beautiful potted plant for Teacher’s Day.
“We wanted to honor the teachers who taught us, but since Teacher’s Day was not celebrated back then, we never got a chance to thank our teachers,” said Sanjiv Bhatia from the 72 batch.
“So, a group of 40 of us decided to present a small token of our thanks to the wonderful job these teachers do in educating this new generation of Johnians. Our original plan was to have small ceremony at school and read out the names of all our teachers, but that was shelved. Instead, a few of us went to school and took pictures with the gift,” he added.
The potted plants will be delivered to each teacher at home with a card naming all the teachers who taught these students from Grade 1 to High School.
“The 72 batch would like to specially recognize Brothers Meredith and Hart and teachers like D’souza, Sharma, A A Innocent, Perry and Hannah – as to these teachers we owe a lot,” said Harry Grewal of the 72 batch.
The 72 batch also expressed their thanks to SJOBA for delivering the pots, Principal Kavita Das for her help and support, and Panchkula-based Garden Tokri for supplying the potted plants.
The batchmates who went to the school included Pradeep Sethi, Harish Bhasin,Sanjiv Bhatia, Shashi Kant, Harry Grewa, Tarun Mathur and Rakesh Walia

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