UPL deploys expert teams to help farmers to control whitefly in Punjab & Haryana

Chandigarh, August 13, 2020: There is a looming threat to cotton from whitefly attacks in some parts of Punjab and Haryana that has sent farmers in a panic situation.
A team of experts at UPL has suggested application of the insecticide Ulala so that the whitefly population build up can be managed and cotton crop saved.
Ulala (Flonicamid50WG) has been recommended by Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) and has been successfully used to effectively manage control of whitefly on cotton crop since several years.
UPL’s advanced spraying machinery wing Adarsh Farm Services (AFS) is also being deployed across the hotspots with its trained staff to spray on cotton crop.
Dr A K Dhawan, former Head, Department of Entomology, PAU, Ludhiana said, “The incidence of whitefly on cotton is now a regular phenomenon on cotton crop in the north irrigated cotton belt of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan”.
This pest can be managed. There are many factors like favourable weather, delayed rain, susceptibility of transgenic hybrids, excessive use of nitrogen, lack of proper survey and surveillance, delayed spraying that add to the build-up and multiplication of this pest .
The excessive use of nitrogen and irrigation may result in unwanted vegetative growth and in poor control with insecticides.
Dr. Dhawan added that the farmer should regularly monitor the crop and use recommended insecticide to manage the pest.
The proper selection of insecticide, timing of spray and spray technology can keep the pest under control.
Surveer Singh, a Cotton armer from Gadli Village, Sirsa, Haryana said, “ I sprayed Ulala on my 60-65 days old cotton crop and second spray in next 15 days, I haven’t found any infestation of whitefly in my field. My cotton crop is healthy, and I suggest other cotton farmers also follow the same practice of right insecticide, right dosage at right time to keep their crop safe from whitefly attack.”
Another farmer Garja Singh from Bagha Village, Bathinda also disclosed that his cotton crop was saved from any infestation of whitefly and Jassids.
Ankit Laddha, North Region, Head, UPL, said, “We understand the concerns of the farmers at this situation and assure them the best support to control the whitefly. Our team of experts is also keeping a strict vigil on the outbreak of whitefly in cotton, they are in regular contact with the farmers and visiting their farms to check the stage of the whitefly and accordingly advising them to apply the best practices recommended by the Agriculture Universities (PAU) and experts to contain it.”
He added that UPL has deployed its 250 modern Falcon spraying machines in the hotspots so that their farms can be sprayed faster and more effectively.

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