Virtual Reality and Clutter

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, July 19, 2020: The Corona-19
pandemic has brought in the
importance of old traditions and
exposed modern life as well.
We have heard that, many yeras
ago, marriages were solemnised
in presence of a sword or the
clothes of person.
The way social distancing is
needed these days, the day is not
for when marriages will be held in
this old fashion.
Of late, we had seen that people
had become so selfish that they did
want to see the faces of others.
Mother Nature accepted our hidden
desire so now everyone is
expected to keep his/her mouth
behind a mask.
Now every national festival,
tournament, schools and colleges
will be held in virtual mode only
for quite some time to come.
Soon we may see cricket matches
without spectators, Independence
Day without a cheering audience
and election rallies without
The new concept of relationships
in quarantine is emerging fast.
Earlier, a man used to work outside
the home, though many ladies
were also doing jobs, but he never
realised the value of work done by
the women folk.
During this period, he has been
made to realise all the minute
details of the house-hold so much.
Suddenly, college going children
are back at home and are learning
a lesson or two while living with
their parents at home.
The new realities of relations has
made them realise the importance
of mutual interest and mutual discussions.
This period has also ‘exposed’
many as in this city alone many a
lady has called for help in desperation’
The parents are suddenly in
demand as children are sitting at
home to study online.
During this period many (only
handful in every city ) people have
not realised reality as they continue
to live in their ivory tower… but
after the Covid attack on a famous
film family, this so called spoilt
rich community has also started
feeling insecure.
Many of us are by nature not law
We have seen a number of people
carrying helmets in their arms and
wearing them only when they see a
Similarly, people are hanging
masks around their necks or ears
and they use them only when they
fear of getting a challan.
The norm of social distancing is
forgotten every now and then.
One thing is certain that the government
alone cannot ensure safety
of people and it is only participation
by the public which can
ensure implementation of all
norms and rules.
It is also very clear that people
follow the its own leaders and
guides and when someone at the
top feels proud in breaking rules
people also take the same libert.
So, every official has to set an
example for people.
But during all this, cash and corruption
has not changed its
As we saw in the Himachal
Pradesh scam, everything goes the
same way taking advantage of the
tender process to execute certain
While people were busy fighting
Corona and Curfew, the whole corrupt
practices process was merrily
going on.
When people were lying hungry
and waiting for food, the process
of purchases was probably
hijacked to ‘fix’ purchases and
siphon funds.
We need to take strict action
against persons who have not hesitated
to garner some benefits here
and there even during a crisis.
(The views expressed are personal
of the author. If you wish to
express your opinion, contact R K
Garg at

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