Ways to make India Jagadguru discussed at PU

Chandigarh, July 26, 2020: Using the
climate change crisis as an
opportunity, India can rise
to become world leader,
said Sai Vaidyanathan,
speaker at a webinar
organised by the Chandigarh
Vigyan Parishad and
Panjab University Chandigarh
chapter of Panchnad
Research Institute today.
The topic of the meet
was ‘Aise Banega Bharat
Jagadguru’ (Ways to make
India Jagadguru).’
Prof BK Kuthiala, Director,
Panchnad Research
Institute and Dr KS Arya,
National President, Panchnad
Research Institute,
attended the webinar.
The speaker, who is an
author and a journalist,
recounted many of India’s
strengths in the past and
enlisted ways in which
those could be used to deal
with the global warming
crisis in the future.
If due to climate change,
development can no
longer take place through
normal fuel/electricityconsuming
route, then at
that time, the revival of
Indian culture can give
added impetus to the economy
and generate jobs for
the country’s youth.
Vaidyanathan spoke on
the need to redesign our
cities in a changing environment
and to enhance
digital technology so that
the need for using
petrol/diesel transportation
goes down.
To avert the upcoming
global crisis, the speaker
emphasised on changing
the outlook of this outward-
looking world which
has become highly materialistic.
In making the world
look inward, India’s yoga
and meditation could
prove to be of great help,
he said.
The speaker exhorted the
audience to contribute
their might in helping
India regain the number
one spot that she enjoyed
just three hundred years
Around 50 people
attended the webinar.
Prof. S K Tomar, President
of both the organizations
(CVP and PRI Study
Center, PU) thanked the
speaker and attendees.

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