Webinar held for PU hostel residents on ‘Corona Epidemic and Young Generation’

Chandigarh, June 24, 2020: Today, a team of
wardens, Dr. Rajeev of Boys Hostel
(BH) No. 1, Dr. Praveen (BH-5),
Dr Nidhi Gautam (GH-5), Dr Jai
Mala (GH-7) and Dr Avneet
(WWH) of Panjab University,
Chandigarh organised a webinar for
hostel residents on ‘Corona Epidemic
and Young Generation’ by Dr
Darya, Assoc. Professor and Head,
School of Punjabi Studies, Guru
Nank Dev University, Amritsar.
He spoke about the various epidemics
such as plague etc. The
death rate was high as they were
cofined to a particular country and
not the world. In the present epidemic,
the whole world is a global
village due to which this epidemic
also spread in other countries
He discussed that such epidemics
left long lasting effect on the conscious
of young generations. He
narrated the example of France
where, as a result of epidemics,
the French developed the habit of
washing roads, walls of houses etc.
He said that such epidemics are a
tough period but such circumstances
help to change the way of
life as well as thinking.
He advised the young generation
not to be afraid of the epidemic
because they became self dependent,
learnt on line classes, online
work, business etc. They helped
poor, helpless people in many ways.
The young people realized the
value of a neat and clean environment
and they will spread this value
to their next generation.
He said due to this epidemic they
spent their maximum time with
their grandparents, parents and
with family members. They will
definitely inculcate this value to
their next generation.

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