Webinar on Aachar Vihaar organised by PU Hostels

Chandigarh, June 17, 2020: Today, a team
of wardens Dr. Rajeev, Boys
Hostel-1, Dr. Praveen, BH-5,
Dr Nidhi Gautam, Girls Hostel-
5, Dr Jai Mala, GH-7 and
Dr Avneet, WWH organised a
webinar for the hostel residents
on ‘Aachar Vihaar during
Covid -19’ by Prof. Y.K.
Arora, Retd Prof. SD College,
He spoke about Mudra
Vigyan, Reiki Vigyan, Dhyan
Vigyan and Sammohan
Vigyan. He explained the
importance of all these techniques
in the times of pandemic
to improve our immunity.
He discussed various
mudras like Surbhi Mudra for
the balancing of Vaat, Pitt and
Apha, Mrit Sanjivni Mudra
for Heart Patients, Dhyan
Mudras etc.
He introduced the audience
to Reiki Vigyan and said that
the universe has a continuous
flow of energies which human
eyes cannot see. With Reiki
Vigyan we can unleash those
energies and experience it.
He explained that the whole
human body, food, air, space
along with the universe comprises
Reiki. Therefore, there
is no need to fear if we understand
the concept of Reiki. He
explained the various levels of
Reiki and one can do various
courses to learn it.
Prof. Arora talked about Self
Hypnosis through which one
can keep himself/herself positive
and motivated. He suggested
that one must practice
optimism while waking up in
the morning or going to bed
at night because the same
positive thought will keep on
vibrating in our mind
throughout. This positivity
and self-motivation can keep
oneself away from negativity,
anxiety, depression and suicidal
The speaker explained the
importance of meditation during
this pandemic period. He
clarified the difference
between meditation and concentration.
He insisted that
students inculcate Meditation
into our daily routine to keep
oneself relaxed and full of
love. He demonstrated one
meditation technique wherein
the focus should only be on
the breathing pattern.
The audience of approximately
50 students fully
enjoyed his session.

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