Webinar on School Education held by Rotary Chandigarh Shivalik

Chandigarh, August 26, 2020: In a Web discussion held online and organised by Rotary Chandigarh Shivalik, a very interesting and interactive session was held on the ‘Effect of Lockdown on Education and Schools.’
The Keynote Speaker, Louis Lopez, Principal, St. Stephens School, Chandigarh, observed that “The virus descended upon us in the most unwelcome manner, forcing us to change many aspects about the way we live our lives and think. In school too, the traditional system of education was made to stand on its head. Teachers had to bring their classes to the homes of students and that too in a manner which is attractive and engaging.”
“To begin with,” he said, “recorded lessons were used. The one-way communication was found to be insufficient and so live online classes had to be initiated. The concept of ‘Flipped Learning’ was adopted which brought children to think for themselves using the triggers sent out by teachers and then come back to the live interactive class with their findings.”
Talking about the welcome changes which have come in, he stated, “Much of the education system which was crying for change was met with a breath of fresh air. Teachers who were apprehensive of digital learning gradually learnt how to use technology and have stood to gain from the exercise. We have seen that the dedication of teachers has led to the improvement of the teaching-learning process in schools..”
Complimenting the students, Lopez said, “Students have learnt to organise and plan their time at home and have become more responsible with the freedom they have been given.”
“However,” Lopez pointed out, “Children from the Economically Weaker Section have found it hard to get the simplest of devices and a basic internet connection to access the online classes. This is a problem that we need to deal with constructively.”
Talking about the future, he said, “Moving forward, all the learning of the past 5 months must be kept and used as time goes on. When we return to school with the ‘new normal’, we cannot uselessly return to all the methods that were used in the past. The lockdown has been a valuable experience which has taught us so much and we are hopeful that with an improved skill-set and dedication, the education system will stand to gain immensely.”
This was followed by a very incisive and interesting question-answer session, moderated by Manjit Kaur, Secretary of Rotary Chandigarh Shivalik, who is herself an educationist.
Barisha Lopez then sang a very melodius song, accompanied by Luis Lopez on the piano. Their impromptu performance was appreciated by all.
Brig. Daljit Dhillon gave the Vote of Thanks and complimented Lopez for his very clear thinking, articulation and positive approach.

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