Webinar on Vedic Maths held

Chandigarh, June 18, 2020: A Webinar
on Vedic Maths was organised
in collaboration with
The India Post in which
Jyoti Tewari, Vedic Maths
Head at Sharda Sarvhitkari
Model Sr.Sec School, Sector
40, Chandigarh was the
main speaker.
The Chief Guest was Daya
Nidhi, Organising Secretary,
Bhartiya Sikshan Mandal,
He introduced the topic of
Vedic Maths and its special
advantages in an interesting
Vedic Mathematics is a
system of Mathematics
which was discovered by the
Indian mathematician
Jagadguru Bharathi Krishna
Various sutras/ formulae
were discussed such as
Ekadhikena Purvena,
Nikhilam Method, Vertically
and Crosswise Method of
Multiplication, Special Multiplication
by 99,999 etc.
It was a free session open
for everyone. Many students,
teachers and others attended
the hour long workshop. All
the participants took active
part in the event which was
concluded by chanting of
Vedic Shlokas.
The Director of the School,
B.S Kanwar and Principal
Archana appreciated and
said that Vedic Maths
increases the confidence of a
child not only in calculations
but also increases the
speed and accuracy in other
activities as well.

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