What Is Today?

by Deepak Chopra
Today – the Tomorrow’s Yesterday? Or Today – the Yesterday’s Tomorrow? By just juxtaposing one before or after the other alters the entire essence. The latter sounds regressive whereas the former pro-gressive.

Some say Today is the culmination of all our actions of the past. It is an outcome of the thought pattern nurtured and the choices made till date. This is like driving with eyes focused on the rear view mirror, with an occasional glance at the front windscreen. A majority of the actions performed today will then become corrections to undo the damage already done. You land yourself in the quagmire of paralysis of analysis, playing the blame game and are ultimately engulfed with self pity.

If Today you are not where you wanted to be or dreamt to be, you need to modulate your perspective. Make a different set of choices. View life through a different pair of lens. You need to change tracks to reach

your destination.

We should view Today, act Today and live Today as a foundation for Tomorrow. This school of thought has a futuristic connotation to it. It is like driving with eyes focused on the front windscreen with an occa-sional glance at the rear view mir-ror.

Today is the first day for the rest of your life. This perspective gives you a clean canvas to paint everyday. It lets bygones be bygones and gener-ates tremendous positivity within oneself. There is no room for regrets. You tend to be more proac-tive than reactive.

So if we live life with an attitude that this Today will be Tomorrow’s Yesterday and that Tomorrow we do not want to have regrets for any-thing done Today, we will always nurture positive thoughts, for our thoughts become our actions. Actions translate into deeds. Deeds define our destiny.

Since Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow are synonymous to the past, present and future, and it is

only the present that exists right now, since past is only in memory and future has not yet arrived, so lets make judicious use of this pres-ent, a gift from the Divine with total awareness and complete conscious-ness, by making the right choices.

Chandigarh based Deepak Chopra is Author of the books: The Secrets of Success and Mantras for Inner Peace

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