Without Comment: Cleaner the air, easier it is to breathe

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, September 24, 2020: It is now a full week when the recoveries have been more than the positive cases.
The Active Cases are decreasing day by day but to know the ground reality the active cases need to be classified as per location.
A large chunk of these are isolated in thir own homes. Only some are going to Isolation Homes and very few, who are serious and suffering from other diseases, are admitted in hospitals.
Now those who are isolated at home can be further divided into categories.
Some are found positive but are mild cases and are able to manage but there are persons who have been infected few days back and their condition has already deteriorated.
These cases, if they remain at home without careful medication, are likely to suffer.
Such cases need to be identified ASAP to decrease the number of mortalities, which is the prime concern of everybody.
As per data, there are only a few cases who are really serious and admitted in PGI and the other hospitals.
The mortality numbers which is increasing these days also need to be identified as to from where they came, what was real cause of deterioration and at which hospital they died whether under ventilator or otherwise.
COVID is a new disease and the exact reason, medically, of deaths are not known immediately particularly when the post mortems are not done.
The news hungry media is placing lot of stories every day and many of these are creating a lot of anxiety, heartburn and instilling fear among the public.
During all this, there is no place for negativity or negative news as every small such ‘news’ creates a large number of questions rather than solving the prblems at.
Cleaner the air, the easier it is to breathe.
(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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