Without Comment: Devoid of reality

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, September 12, 2020: Positivity is a must, not only for’tackling’ Covid but for life also.
For getting results from the positive attitude we need to know the bare realities of anything, otherwise blind faith will not get us anywhere.
We will feel that we are a winner like a frog croaking in a well… which is not life at all.
When we talk about positivity in the case of Covid, we need to know the ground realities also. ‘
No doubt our mortality rate is very low and our recovery rate is also very good but at the same time we need to identify our resources to deal with the active cases.
At any given time approximately 20 percent cases are active cases,of which a few are serious patients.
This is also a reality that we were not prepared for the worst and our medical facilities were not prepared for such large number of cases.
The sooner we identify the resources to create more and more beds, the sooner it will be better.
The seecond most important aspect is ‘preaching’ and ‘practical’ aspects.
It is a fact that in society the ‘preachers’ are numberless but the persons who actually are able to put things in ‘practice’ are very less as this needs lots of courage and power to reach a logical end.
When faced with reality even most crusaders fail to implement what they ‘preach’ and for that we need reforms in society which do not come easily.
This writer recently, when faced with reality, could not implement what was being ‘preached’ but certainly could make a point to all concerned who agreed to the point of view but failed to implement, as majority do not realize the reality even after death of a close blood relation.
The stigma does not allow us to come out of it and fight it in a professional way.
Next important point is the fear within and fear in family members who are an essential part of society.
Generally, society is fearful of any pandemic.
And when someone is declared positive, then he or she get afraid of the post positive consequences which are hard to experience and digest.
Next part is the life of family members who also go under pressure, fearing the ultimate negative result.
We need to issue advisories and guidelines regularly in all languages not only through language newspapers, but it should be made compulsory for electronics media to spare 2% of their time for COVID related guidelines.
After realizing the above facts, people at large need to work hand in hand to fight the disease and help the Govt in identifying the resources.
Together we can fight Covid and come out the winner.

(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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