Without Comment: Follow the rules, my friend…

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, October 9 2020: These days life is just ‘by the way.’
Every day, a new set of rules are declared and new protocols are announced.
But then, is not this something new … have we not been programmed to follow some set of rules or other??
When we look back in the near past or far away many years ago, is not it a reality that every day we got a list of do’s and don’ts .
Discipline at home, school and even when a guest comes to your house.
Time management and what not.
Actually the list of don’ts always kept on increasing
Sometimes we felt that there wasn’t anything which we could do on our own.
Over the years, we got programmed in such a way that sometimes we felt that we are a battery operated transistor which could be switched on and off as and when our parents desired it to be so.
Our career was programmed so minutely that we did not have any scope of even a small diversion.
After we graduated and eventually entered ‘life’ we got a boss who used to pay us money for our livelihood.
For example, he always wanted me to write a story or an article on the subject of his choice with a deadline of time – any change in subject or even mood was not allowed.
Than life went a little further and we became so called ‘responsible, mature’ persons who had to follow another set of rules, many of which were self-made.
We programmed ourselves and wanted the switch in our hands and became self-dependent but it was just a dream.
Is this life in its entirety?
To some it is …to some it is not.
We have to decide whether we want to remain programmed or we want to live life according to our own desires, if we can.
In metropolitan cities, life is nothing more than a machine – every day the toy is charged and GPS fixed and at the end of day we have used the entire battery and we come back totally exhausted and have a night to be ready for next day.
There is nothing like gender bias in all this as it happens every day with everybody.
There is nothing like getting negative or being negative … it is life as it is.
Now you have to decide: do you want to live life or just be a machine which runs as long as it can.
Think about it.

(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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