Without Comment: Getting humane to convert a setback into a come-back

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, September 14, 2020: The idea may seem too idealistic but when it comes from a heart which has suffered a lot, then it makes sense at least to this writer.
Yesterday, a resident of Chandigarh – daughter of a senior citizen aged 71 years old – suffered at the hands of a lab which delivered a wrong report dating back one year when Covid was not existing.
After a lot of hassle, the real report came to the rescue of entire family.
Similarly, a family got a call regarding the death of their family member which turned out to be false and yet in another case a body was exchanged.
No doubt, we can dismiss all these incidents as human mistakes happening through oversight.
But when some mistakes cost you almost your life than it is not a mistake but a criminal act involving life and death.
As the legal route is quite cumbersome and lengthy and in these cases either no complaint has been filed or hue and cry did not get adequate response from requisite quarters.
No special hearings or super speed action are taken in cases of the common man.
As such, through this write up, a message to be humane so that most of the woes of humanity will be addressed or atleast an effort made to deal with feelings amicably.
Problems arise when a human being is treated as an object and there is no humane touch or there is no empathy towards the feeling of others.
Taking of human blood as sample involves taking a part of the body or informing a son about false information of death ruins hope of family as such the persons working on such sensitive issues should themselves treat themselves as human being and treat others like that only.
Moreover, delivering value of money and costs we get for doing job should encourage all of us to perform our duties with utmost care towards others so that a lesson of being humane can be delivered to all.
In the normal course, anyone will argue that there is a perfect legal system and there are conduct rules etc. for every department of governance and all are supposed to perform as per rule but these days it does not happen in many cases and people suffer and raise their voice against the system.
As such, this is just a small effort to make us a little humane towards others to – make this setback a come back.
(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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