Without Comment: Handling the Pandemic: Involve the public also

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, September 6, 2020: In a welcome step, the Health Ministry has deputed Central teams to help Chandigarh and Punjab fight the pandemic.
They will assist the State/UT in strengthening public health measures for containment, surveillance, testing and efficient clinical management of Covid patients, to reduce mortality and save lives.
The handling of the Corona virus by the Chandigarh Administration had been a matter of worry for the residents.
Being a resident of Chandigarh since long and having seen the administrative working closely all these years, we feel that ground realities are surfacing now.
It is also high time that the Administration/State Government makes efforts to ensure public participation and work on suggestions made by public.
Long back, in Chandigarh we had suggested the creation of Isolation Centers in all Bhawnas and Community Centers as such facilities nearby will help the sectoral residents who are getting symptoms.
There is a dire need of controlling medical facilities in the private sector and expenses on treatment along with creating self-help groups amongst the public to create in-house facilities as with the increasing number of cases the health authorities may be under pressure.
In the last six months, we the people, have learnt a lot towards measures adopted by various governments all over the world.
Chandigarh, being one of the most literate cities, people could make good suggestions
Here it is also pointed out that Chandigarh’s adjoining districts are even bigger than us but only one Deputy Commissioner looking after entire situation.
In Chandigarh, we have the full administration headed by a Governor. Yet the current situation is for all to see.
In this whole scenario it is the people who have to play the most crucial role.
The Administartion need to let all NGOs, RWAs, Associations and individuals to come forward and make sure that all residents of tricity wear mouth msks, follow social distancing to keep Corona at a distance.

(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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