Without Comment: Has the reversal started in Chandigarh?

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, September 21, 2020: In Chandigarh, the reverse has already started as in last four days, the number of active cases has reduced by 331 (as against 1124 cases 1455 have recovered)
No doubt, negative news sells and as it attracts people to read the news
Today from the newspapers, it is observed that Chandigarh has touched 10,000 number of COVID cases and over 120 deaths have also been reported, which is 1.2 % of the total cases.
A comparison of cases month wise etc have also been displayed at some places.
No doubt the situation is bad and people are feeling the stress of this pandemic all over.
After observing the figures of last four days it is observed that there is a ray of hope as far as our city is concerned.
I have calculated figures and found that on 17th Sep 288 cases, on 18th 260 cases, on 19th 290 cases and on 20th 286 positive cases were reported in a big way.
But what has not reported in the same big Fonts is that on 17th Sep 379, on 18th 353,on 19th 351 and on 20th Sep 372 recovered and went back home.
In last four days whereas 1124 reported positive, but 1455 cases had recovered as such 331 active cases were reduced.
That is not reported and people continue to worry.
In Chandigarh, maybe, the reversal has already started which the people need to know.

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