Without Comment: Katti ! Abba !! Same, Same !

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, August 1, 2020: It is a very common practice.
Little kids fight among themselves and do ‘Katti’ for very small things which raises the eyebrows of many a parent.
However, by the time the parents have even started discussing the issue, the kids have done‘Abba’ and things are already back to normal between them.
So, on every small issue, the relations are cut and the next moment its back to camraderie and love.
All this used to happen when we were children … this happened with our children also … and it is still going on with our grandchildren.
I am quite sure this will continue in the coming generations also.
Though we all call this childish and dismiss it with a shrug of our shoulders, but what are we doing in our real life ?
We have not left the habit of ‘Katti-Abba’ even after 60 -70 years of our life.
See how we still follow the ‘same to same’ mannerisms, have converted our childish behaviour into our day to day life and now it is part of our social life.
Our behaviour changes every moment.
While we are on the road, every person we see seems Katti with usu, even though both of you have never talked with each other.
But the moment that very person has some work with you or have some selfish end to meet, he becomes friendly with you.
This is true for you too.
Till you have some work with the other person, have something to get done, you are Abba with that person – but the moment your work is over and you are sure that this person is not useful to you then it is Katti time.
Of course, if there is slight chance that person may be still be useful to you, we hang in between Katti-Abba.
The persons who are able to make a perfect balance between Katti and Abba are clever and called well-behaved people.
These are the persons who make a perfect balance between mind and heart.
And, yes, people who start making use of their minds in relations, are called mature people as their Katti-Abba depends on a lot of balancing of selfish motives, money matters and what not.
This is happening in political life and in foreign relations of countries also.
Apparently they look as if they are Katti and people think that our leaders are hell bent against each other, but in fact behind the curtain they are still Abba or hanging in between Katti and Abba.
The people who have taken their intellect much above us normal human beings preach that never have Katti with any one in life but keep Abba with every one.
But our Katti-Abba continues still. Same to Same.
(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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