Without Comment: Love your life, it is precious

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, September 13, 2020: It is well known that human life is the best creation of God. as such we should value this creation and retain and maintain it so well that it can be useful to our family and society for long.
It is also commonly understood that if we love ourselves then only, we can love the entire society.
During the Covid crisis, we have experienced a large number of cases particularly when it happens to the senior Citizens and head of family that do not care about their health even during these hard days.
It is a common practice that a large number of people in the interior of our country do not wear masks at all or they hang masks on their ears.
We have seen in towns that people do not appreciate the idea of Social Distancing at all.
These days, when Corona is spreading rapidly and many people are being declared Positive, there is a need for taking utmost care at every step.
It is also observed that many a times the patient, if admitted to hospital, loses all hope of life.
He does not eat properly.
It is also a fact that many elders are not in the habit of doing their own daily chores and always looked towards their family member even for a glass of water.
Some part of society is like that only.
Corona, being a dreaded disease, no attendant is permitted to help and our para medical staff is getting under pressure day in day out.
There is no use of preaching that counselling may be done as that may be the most impractical idea.
Under the circumstances, all our family members even if not suffering from any disease or Corona should be guided in such a manner that as when needed they should keep their morale high and face the 14 days period as a motivated person.
No doubt, hardships are there – the Government being under pressure may not be able to fulfill all our needs.
It is our life and we have to take care of it in all circumstances.
Beware this message that there is no one to look after you, but you have to start behaving like that – without getting discouraged from life and society.
This is an effort to draw cooperation from the public at large.
Simultaneously, the Government, on its part, can come forward to take timely action to take care of the health of the people.
The guidelines to deal with the situation in Isolation Centers and Quarantine Centers should be repeatedly displayed on social media.
Human life is precious and with lot of courage we can come out the winner while the Health Authorities are making all out efforts to control the situation.

(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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