Without Comment: Matter of Heart

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, September 29, 2020: Today we are deliberating on Heart issues, being World Heart Day.
Either you care for the heart or you love by your heart.
In our day to day life we work according to our heart, but in this materialistic world we often apply our mind and sideline the heart.
Many situations arise in life where we have to take some decisions to survive in society.
In the case of love, affection, relations and family matter we need to take decision applying the heart but many times we apply our mind to manipulate the situation to our advantage, leaving aside our relations with our loved ones.
In such situations we weigh the commercial aspects and our interests more than the relations and sometimes hurt the heart of others.
We are celebrating this day with full fanfare … people are sending heart touching messages … experts have written long articles and opinions to keep your heart healthy.
But in general life, it is positivity and happiness which keeps us happy and healthy heart wise.
There is talk of hypertension, the killer of the heart.
Though it is the most important part of our body, the heart is not the only part which rules a healthy life, we also need to have peace of mind.
Since the beginning of life, the fight between heart and mind goes on.
Which is best or winner cannot be decided by anybody because for the decision making process one needs both mind and heart.
Both are foes and friends of each other and never allow one other to live in peace.
But one thing is very clear – that when the heart and mind start working in tandem, then wonders are created and that is best for the entire world.
Though this happens rarely it is not impossible to attain so let us all keep a balance between heart and mind.
Happy Heart Day
(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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