Without Comment: Observations

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, September 23, 2020: Over a period of time I have observed the following :
1. Since the last one month, stickers are being pasted on fruits like banana, apple and pear. The matter was brought to the notice of the concerned staff but it seems that no action was taken and, rather, I find an increase in the number of fruits with stickers. Such a practice of stickers on fruit becomes more dangerous in these Corona times.
2. There are pet animal bye laws and a heavy fine if one is caught with a dog defecating in open spaces. Every morning and evening, we see such pet dogs particularly on cycle tracks. MC has made bye laws but there is no implementation. MC should take strict action or direct people to make toilet for dogs in their houses itself.
3. In the PUTA elections, Covid positive persons have been told not to cast their votes. This is a serious issue as Covid patients also have rights and they should not be barred from voting.
4. There is a new trend of appointing retired senior officers in the UT. For such officers, special posts have been created and salary is approx. Rs 1 to 1.5 lakhs with a one-year contract, which is extendable. Are these just adjustment of retired employees for services rendered by them? Special conditions to suit such officers have been added in the advertisement for these posts.
5. Though coming positive in the Covid test is dreaded and feared, but right from the beginning only negative news regarding the numbers was being reported in most media. However, in a welcome change, today most newspapers have reported the number of ‘recovered cases’ and the correct number of active cases has been reported. There is a dire need for reporting positive news to boost the morale of people.
6. Last, but not the least, is observing the tenders issued during the Covid period. For example, the Forest department issued a number of tenders worth Rs 20 crores, finalized everything within a period of 10 days and allotted the tenders. One party was even awarded a tender at a higher rate than the estimated cost, resulting in a revenue loss of around 7 lakhs. The entire process of tendering in June’20 needs to be investigated by a national enforcement agency.
(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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