Without Comment: Positivity is the right way to fight Covid

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, September 11, 2020: These days ‘positive’ is most dreaded word as no one wants to be Positive as far as Covid is concerned.
When we pick up a newspaper or switch on TV, we get lots of news on Covid.
Dissemination of informational news including Covid is the prime duty of the media which they are performing very well and we are proud of media for this service.
As the phrase goes, negative sells faster than positive .
When the circumstances are pressing, we have to balance the entire scenario of life.
For balancing the things and to be able to fight things in the right perspective, we have to create positivity and honest hard work to get out of it successfully.
We are here to discuss present circumstances, forgetting our personal tragedies.
In the world vide scenario and even nearer home, there are 78 to 80 % recoveries and people are coming back home healthy.
Many aged persons also come out of it successfully.
Mortality rate is just around 1 %.
But there is a fear psyche amongst the public.
No doubt, Covid is a dreaded disease, but there is nothing to fear about, we need to be utmost careful and follow the norms and guidelines to save ourselves.
We have recently seen some news regarding the people who have suffered from Covid and due to many reasons their life is not normal as it used to be.
But this happens elsewhere also.
Every day, when accidents take place, unfortunately some people are permanently disabled, there are almost 80 lakhs persons without proper eyes, there are large number of rash driving reported, there are large number of medical cases, large of deaths due road rage, large number of deaths due to use of intoxicants and tobacco products.
To prevent these deaths and disabilities there are legal remedies and medical facilities to heal.
If we go into details of the National Crime Records Bureau reports, things are worse than anything.
The Government of India is collecting such data every day continuously to find out ways and means to fight such evils of society.
All such cases need extensive reporting so that remedial steps can be taken to make a better society and country.
Of course, personal tragedies and zeal to achieve new heights by whatever way is right but ‘news’ which causes fear amongst public needs to be looked into.
Let us come forward to approach Covid in a better way and come out winners out of it as life is there to stay till infinity.
We should know that positivity in life is more important than fearing about positive sign in Covid, moreover WE do not have any right to create panic amongst public to sell the news or increase TRP.
(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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