Without Comment: Respect, Shradha and Shradh

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, September 28, 2020: Every year we all observe Shradh in the memory of our elders.
Shradh is observed as per date of death according to Vikrami Samvat.
On the day of Shradh we make all varieties of food which the person liked before his/her death and as a practice we call a Pandit to our home and offer lunch with some donation as per capacity or feelings.
Some families donate things which the departed family member liked.
The family members also try to make the last rites as elaborate as they can make.
We respect the feelings of all and purpose of this write up is to stir the conscious of all of us to a point as detailed below.
Recently, tt has been observed that a woman aged about 85 years and another aged father of a family were thrown out of their house.
The cases reached the police and both have been sent to old age homes.
In such cases, normally, the children refuse to keep the parents with them citing one the other reason and, most of the time, certain old age homes come to their rescue as a convenient measure to ensure their life.
In all such cases it is the property and financial status which matters as it is sheer greed which encourages the children to throw them out.
Of course, there is analmost perfect law to protect such older persons … which remains on paper most of time .
With age, they get very weak and cannot withstand the system.
Another factor is the love for children they have in spite of all bad behavior of their children.
We have seen many a times when senior citizens complained to our Senior Citizens Association and we wanted to move the law enforcing agencies to help them but they refused due to their love for childern.
Under such circumstances how do we ensure a better living for these parents? How do we ensure better clothes and adequate food for them?
Law can come forward, to protect them but day to day life has to be managed by the children and it the parents who have to face the music themselves.
The harsh looks, murmuring and even very vocal comments, beatings, physical violence, hungry stomach and worst living conditions are all common particularly where the parents have either distributed all assets and are left with nothing or some parents who refuse to give property to children.
Point raised is that children who donate profusely after death and prepare best food during Shradh if they do the same behavior with living parents and bestow them with respect than the very parents will have a desire to live and bestow blessings on the children and we will make a better society where elders live with a smile.
Let us start by giving care to our living parents, make them smile and of course keep our religious feeling intact to complete their last rites with full shradha.
(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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