Without Comment: Silent Warriors

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, August 3, 2020: After the Corona virus came into our lives to almost threaten our existence, doctors came on the forefront and became the front-line warriors.
They have remained so till date and rightly called as ‘next to God.’
Along with doctors, the Police Department suddenly changed its face and stood with all of us as a “Friend in need.’
Perhaps for the first time the police acame to help us as a frontline warrior.
In the period of the last more than six months, society as a whole recognised doctors and the police and conferred many awards and honours.
I hope not only the people, but the Govt will also recognise their contribution on the occasion of coming Independence Day.
But there are others who have served as a back-up to all the front warriors and, in their absence, the frontline warriors would not have been so successful.
First, we take the teachers who have been on duty all these months and teaching their known and unknown students while schools are closed.
Their efforts to keep the students engaged and up-to-ate are tremendous even though many parents, surprisingly, have not recognised their contribution .
This is inspite of the fact thatmany of the teachers might be facing a financial crunch being on the job without an adequate salary.
Keeping in view their contribution they should also be honoured on the coming Teachers Day.
Second front-runners are the bankers who have been attending their work ever since Corona came, daily without fail.
Rather, with the very ambitious financial packages announced, their duties became more important and there was always their need in the banks.
All these months they have been working in very small bank branches, where they could not follow social distancing but they have been working without any recognition and backing up the whole system.
And, the mother of all warriors is the housewife/home-maker who has been confined to the house since March.
She has rarely ventured out to see the outside world.
She never got an opportunity to go to the beauty parlour, or dinners or shopping etc.
And in the absence of maids and helpers she was all in one, all these months.
As per reports many of them – yes, in large numbers – faced domestic violence and other physical abuse while confined with abusive husbands during the curfew, but she is still working as backup to all of us without any recognition almost.
Of course these silent warriors may not hit the list of Honours on National Day but we all, members of society should come forward to recognise their contribution and honour them from the core of our hearts.
And, when the Corona Crisis is over, all NGOs and associations should be honoured, as a token of goodwill, for their support to us.
(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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