Without Comment: Suicidal Tendencies

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, August 2, 2020: Though it is tough topic to discuss and even more difficult to convince anyone, but it is topic which needs a very open discussion at all levels of society.
We have often discussed reasons of suicide attempts and held many things or ssues responsible for sucha social crime.
If we are a little honest with ourselves, the person who attempts suicide is the most responsible for this behaviour and should be tried for it.
However, we must we aware of the circumstances which create reasons for such attempts.
We have changed a lot in the last many years – in fact, if we take 25 years for one generation then we have changed a lot in the last two generations
Earlier, our ‘world’ was small but communication between people was not very fast.
There no mobiles but as per our mind we used to discuss all issues with almost every person as there was nothing secret.
The concept of community participation was very strong.
We never kept anythingon our mind or heart.
We all believed in the entire universe being our own .. but in the last few years we have had a quantitative increase in our relations … now we have thousands of persons stored in our mobiles and our friend list is so big that sometimes even we do not know many.
Our deas are spread over the entire world and we think that the world is ours but that is not the case.
Test it once and you will find that large numbers will like your message on say, Facebook, but only half a dozen will comment and only one or max two will ask about our well-being.
So even though our world of ‘friends’ is wide but we have reduced our relations and are confined to ourselves so much that relations amongst the family members are becoming very poor.
So we have large number of ideas, we have many formal friends but we are not able to express ourselves even to our own family members as everybody is busy in their own world which never cross checks other’s life and continue to keep deposits in our mind and this excessive keeping creates depression.
But we are not making any effort to learn and make relations better.
With the increase in commercialisation of everything and economic reforms in the last three decades, money matters have surpassed personal relations.
Now everything is weighed in money – in fact, money has replaced relationships many a time.
Under such circumstances there is no place for emotions and discussions.
With the increased money power, parents are providing better education, better opportunities to their children and resultantly they are more into making all sorts of development in life.
They want to get everything fast and consequently relations are left behind.
The current crisis has further aggravated the situation and we are more acquainted with words like isolation, quarantine, containment area, distancing etc.
These are not merely words but our mental state and lives since long.
Are not we living in isolation already by keeping us quarantined in our own shells?
If at all we are out of our quarantine we throw ourselves in an containment area.
We keep a perfect distanceand do not allow others in our mind.
This entire isolation is creating ‘deposits’ in our mind and we are falling prey to depression.
Person make a suicide attempt because they are depressed, confused and low within.
In these circumstances Counselling can be useful and counselling can be made better by introducing spirituality which boosts our morale and behaviour.
It is psychologically accepted that once a confused or depressed person is engaged in some dialogue he will certainly not make any attempt.
Let us try to understand, reduce isolation, minimise distancing and make attempt to save lives.
(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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