Without Comment: The choice:Lockdown/Curfew?

by Keshav R Garg
Chandigarh, August 22, 2020: Ever since Corona has struck India, the government, at all levels is busy designing lockdown/curfew models which a common person is trying to understand.
During March, when the Corona cases in India were a few hundred, it was found apt to completely shut down the country for about one month.
The purpose was to break the chain of disease transmission.
The unplanned lockdown (at least for a common man) brought a huge amount of despair and misery.
However, as we Indians are brought up, we adjusted to it and understood the cause of such untoward measures by the Indian Government.
Somehow, we managed to confine ourselves to the same location where we were, for about a month, but that was merely a trailer, the matinee show was yet to come!
Though the Centre had been issuing guidelines, the final decision was left on the State.
Then the game of confusion started with the leaders taking decisions based upon their choice.
Night curfew, lockdown only for government offices, shut down of public places were some local leaders who tried to create a semblance of lockdown.
Even today the government decided the lockdown with an hour more or an hour less which had shown negligible impact.
Very recently, when Chandigarh UT wished to impose lockdown on weekends but the neighboring states denied.
Chandigarh also decided not to impose any lockdown – but to lockdown the movement of people at wide open Sukhna Lake while Elante Mall remained open.
Yesterday also the same thing happened, but this time the lockdown was initiated by the neighboring states which left Chandigarh with no choice but to agree to what they were doing.
What was surprising was that it seemed that our authorities feel that the disease can affect only a few people called as traders or employees in government offices.
Apart from these two categories, everything will remain open including private offices, religious places, clubs and restaurants, eateries, industrial areas and what not.
What sort of lockdown/curfew is this?
On top of it, movement within the city shall be free for people and goods.
It is just that the Administration wished to satisfy themselves by creating a dummy lockdown situation.
Are they very sure that people working in places which are kept open are immune from disease?
It is absolutely nothing but a choice: lockdown/curfew which the leaders decide in the so called ‘war room’.
I can very well understand that due to rising Corona positive cases and in efforts to strike a balance between economy and health, they sense of judgment seems to be going awry.
I really hope that Corona ends very soon and would request my co-citizens to ensure to keep themse\lves safe.

(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact Keshav R Garg at keshavgarg @kdai.in)

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