Without Comment: The real way of celebrating Festivals

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, October 17, 2020: Today is a very auspicious day when we are celebrating Maharaj Agarsain Jayanti and the beginning of Navratri before Dussehra.
All Aggarwals celebrate Agarsain Jayanti as the Aggarwal caste started with him and his sons.
Navratri is celebrated in most of India.
In Navratri, we worship various images of Goddess for nine days and nights.
All these days religious activities are visible almost in every nook and corner.
No doubt Corona has dampened the enthusiasm but still this is the festival which kickstarts the big celebrations before the year ends.
In these nine days, girls and daughters are worshiped.
Normally, young girls are in high demand as they are required for the celebrations and pooja.
Howevtr, this is the same era in which crime against women is on the rise and even the girl child is not spared.
In fact, if we go by the real meaning of this festival … it is to show respect to women and girls and take blessings from them.
But we do not realise it and start passing of social media messages saying that : may Goddess bestow you with all blessings including health, wealth and strength
Not even one message from the hundreds which I received today says anything about the teachings of the Goddess and we should obey and do something for empowerment of women and girls.
In fac,t we have totally forgotten the importance of festivals and we celebrate just to enjoy the festivity, good food and what not.
Do we really have any feeling or take these occasions to do introspection to see if we do really respect our women and give love and affection to them?
Do we really take care of them?
At the same time we should bear in mind that women do not need our pity as they are strong enough, but still they are our equal partners and need equality in the worldly life.
Merely feeding them and donating to them a few coins is not sufficient.
Give them respect in life and that will be real celebration to take blessings during this Navratri.
Let us celebratea meaningful Navratri and bring back the old glory of our golden period when women were equal partners in life in the real sense for which one takes a pledge when getting married.
Jai Mata Di

(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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